Sadar Vande

G P SharmaWelcome to I would like to elaborate about myself so as to build a rapport with you. I am born in the family of Ayurvedic physicians & is 9th in generation. My father late Vaidya B.N.sharma was a leading Ayurvedic practitioner. He treated many eminent personalities and had a rich experience.


Thus I have an advantage of my background and got practical training from my father regarding diagnosis and preparation of medicines. I am proud to elaborate that till now I have storage of rare herbs & medicines which is not only difficult to prepare but to procure also. Thus my education was well-planned. At the age of 12, I left home to study Sanskrit at Vrindavan, the religious atmosphere over there inculcated in me strong bonds of Vedic philosophy and traditions.


Being well-versed in Sanskrit I could read rare books of Ayurveda and enrich my knowledge. From Vrindavan I did “PRATHMA” & “MADHYAMA” which was awarded by Banaras Hindu University. Thereafter I took admission in Ayurvedic College at Jaipur and was awarded “Bhishgacharya” by Department of Ayurveda through Sanskrit medium. During my tenure at the college, I received various awards & in the final year, I obtained highest marks. Till now I remember more than 10,000 Sanskrit slokas mug-up as a student.


I treat my patients & after examining them empty stomach so as to watch and Pen down the movement of vata, pitta, & kapha in body. My pulse examination and script of it arouses the curiosity of my patients.Even the physicians of government hospital comes to me for diagnosis and treatment. I am confident of my diagnosis and at times machines fail to second my diagnosis but my treatment based on my diagnosis stands the ground & gives amazing results.


In 1968, I was awarded gold and silver medal of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad for “Ratna” (two years) and “Visharad” (two years) which was duly recieved by me at Banaras Hindu University.


I started my practice along with renowned Ayurvedic physician Pandit Shiv Sharma , who was at the same time Honourable member of Parliament from South Bombay & was one of the few recognized luminaries of Ayurveda. He had a foresight who time & again raised questions on Ayurveda in Parliament & raised the stature of his science at the National & International levels. While practising under his guidance, I learnt practical important tips of my science and have had vast exposure.


I was selected as Ayurvedic physician in Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Stimultaneously, I qualified Rajasthan Public Service Commission Interview and joined as class-I physician . In 1981-82. I was Registrar of Indian Medicine Board.


I am in a regular practice & curing difficult cases in Thyroid as a challenge to my science. My research of fifteen long years succeeded finally in 1998 after passing through various stages of trials (thesis),tribulations (antithesis) and finalisation(synthesis).


Stimulteneously, I kept on treating patients suffering from fatal diseases like Rabies, Hepatities B, Nervous disorders, etc. Till date, I have treated many eminent personalities of various ailments but I would not like to name them for my immediate gain. My medicine “RENOVIK” particularly for kidney patients, manufactured by Ritvik Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. gives relief to kidney patients and rejuvenates their whole body. Diabetic and non-diabetic patients are benefited by this medicine.


The stress of present day life and life style is enhancing the number of patients of thyroid. Alternative medicines are very effective in treating thyroid patients. Curing patients suffering from thyroid encouraged me to move further and it resulted in success. Two sample reports are added to prove my words.


If you have any further queries or you want to meet me personally you can contact me by phone or on using the contact form given.

Vaidya G. P. Sharma

+91-9829058895, 9829058896